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Vocals / Ryan Juergens

Guitar / Luke O’Neal

Guitar / Michael Werner

Bass / Cody Becker

Drums / Tim Callahan

Arriving in a time of profound musical innovation, In My Silence exceeded every expectation upon entering the scene in 2015.

Based out of St. Louis, Missouri, In My Silence self-released their debut full-length album, "Darken the Sky" on November 17th, 2015; taking the underground music scene by storm.

In My Silence takes a lot of pride in their diverse spectrum of musical influences, citing hints of inspiration that span across the entire alternative and progressive music industry. With heart pounding musical compositions and powerful vocals, it is an understatement to say they have created a fresh take of a seemingly tired genre; restoring hope to those looking for something undeniably real. 


"We took our time to really highlight all of the different influences we all brought to the table to try and figure out our true identity. We wanted to cut through the formulaic noise and just write something timeless and great; something we all really enjoy." – Luke

Through DIY touring, opening for several iconic metal acts, and headlining blowout hometown shows, IMS has formed a strong reputation for their high-energy, interactive live performances. Filling venues both large and small, fans by the hundreds find every chance they get to see them in action.

"We take a lot of pride in our effort to bring the highest quality of performance to our live shows. If our fans aren't having a blast and making a lasting memory, then we just aren't doing our jobs. We owe them everything, so we give them everything."  – Ryan








Darken the Sky

by In My Silence